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Ask The Experts: Importance of Independence

Phillip Coury, vice president of Generations Senior Living, says assisted living can actually produce more independence.

Q: What is the importance of supporting a sense of independence in seniors and older adults?

A: “What retirement living can do in fostering independence is actually ironic to a lot of seniors and a lot of their family members, because assisted living can foster more independence than living on your own,” says Phillip Coury, vice president of Generations Senior Living. “As seniors age, or they lose a spouse, significant other or their families, depression is often present. Even the most basic activities of daily living that we all enjoy and are able to do are oftentimes compromised. Assisted living can provide and restore that independence through socialization, through proper medication management, through activities, through field trips. We see great results oftentimes from seniors who thought that leaving their home would mean compromising their independence, when actually they get it back again because those basic needs are getting met. Those anxieties go away, they’re eating better and they’re able to socialize and be involved in the community.”

See the original story by Arbela Capas for Cleveland Magazine here.

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