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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about living at Generations Senior Living of Berea? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

How do I know what type of long-term care I may need?
Having a conversation with your family and physician is a valuable first step. Local assisted living communities and nursing homes should also be explored. If support is needed for daily tasks but general independence can be maintained, assisted living may be the right option. [Back to Top]

What are the differences between the care provided in assisted living communities and nursing homes?
Nursing homes deliver 24-hour skilled nursing care to residents with complex medical needs who require around the clock care. Assisted Living provides 24-hour supportive services in a home-like setting that can include laundry, housekeeping and meal service. Activities of Daily Living include medication management, assistance with bathing, grooming, dressing and escorting to meals.  [Back to Top]

Why is the need for assisted living growing?
In the United States alone, more than 12 million people of all ages require help with long-term care needs and decision-making. As medical technology continues to extend the average lifespan, more and more people are able to maintain independence for longer, but still need or desire assistance with some daily tasks or medical issues. Assisted living in a retirement community like GSL Berea addresses this growing trend easily and effectively, while honoring a person’s need for privacy, space and the independence of home. [Back to Top]

When should an individual start planning for long-term care needs?
People should plan early for potential long-term care needs and research available options within their community. Getting to know the staff and available services well in advance will only help in making an informed decision and transition later. 

We also recommend touring facilities before the time of need. Contact us to visit GSL Berea or any of our assisted or independent living communities. [Back to Top]

Who lives in assisted living communities?
Seniors who do not need the intensive, 24-hour complex medical care of a traditional long-term care nursing facility - but who no longer want to manage a household - are ideal for assisted living communities. [Back to Top]

Who provides the care in an assisted living community?
On-site nurses coordinate all health-related services and can provide limited skilled nursing services to meet the resident’s care needs.

Our supportive staff of care managers offer assistance with personal care and emergency response and they are available 24 hours a day. Supporting staff members can also deliver housekeeping, laundry, maintenance and nutritional services.

The social coordinator is on-site to lead residents in a variety of social and recreational programs.

The Administrative staff supports and directs all team members and manages the services offered at GSL Berea. [Back to Top]

What if a resident requires specialized services?
Our team evaluates every resident before arriving and throughout the stay. Based on individual needs, we will work with the resident, his or her family and his or her physician to develop a unique service plan. While coordinating all health-related and supportive services for each resident, this plan may also include community-based services provided by a home health agency. 

Physical, occupational, speech therapy and intermittent skilled nursing care all may fall in this category. Medicare or other insurance providers sometimes pay for certain community-based services. Our team can assist with coordinating additional services as needed. [Back to Top]

What types of activities are offered for residents?
We offer a range of popular weekly social gatherings including card games, Bingo, cooking demonstrations, shopping adventures, educational lectures and fitness and conditioning programs. Devotional services — such as Bible Study — are available for several different religions and spiritual practices and transportation is provided to places of worship within Berea. 

Musical and drama entertainment are always popular events. Planned outings include the Baldwin Wallace Summer Theater, Playhouse Square and Progressive Field.  

Learn more about Programs & Activities offered at GSL Berea. [Back to Top]

What are the age qualifications for becoming a resident?
Residents must be 55 years or older for assisted living communities. Check out other requirements for assisted living. [Back to Top]

Can residents bring their own furniture?
The suites are unfurnished, and residents are encouraged to bring their own furnishings to suit their personal preference. When available, the Short-Term Respite suites are fully furnished for your convenience. Learn more about living accommodations at GSL Berea.  [Back to Top]

Can family members go on outings?
Yes, family members are welcome, but are responsible for their own transportation and any costs associated with the outing. [Back to Top]

We want to stay connected to our loved ones but can’t visit in person. What can we do?
You can stay connected by sending your loved ones a personal message through Sunshine Mail. All you need to do it fill out the form, add a message and a photo then we’ll print it for you and hand-deliver it to your loved ones. [Back to Top]

Can couples with different care levels live in the same suite?
Absolutely! The service packages are designed to meet the unique needs of each resident. As needs change, service packages can be modified allowing one to remain in the comfort of the suite. Contact us today to learn about how we can accommodate all your needs.  [Back to Top]

Is there internet access?
Yes, in common areas of the community. A computer lab is available for residents and family members. [Back to Top]

How are medications administered?
There are two options from which residents may choose. Option one is complete medication independence in which the resident maintains complete independence in ordering and taking all medications. Option two is comprehensive medication administration by our licensed nursing staff. Contact us to learn more about medication management at GSL Berea. [Back to Top]

Do you offer short-term respite care?
Yes, GSL Berea provides short-term respite care (minimum stay of 30 days) for multiple purposes, including as a trial run of assisted living and for illness recovery. Residents are welcome to remain as long as their needs can be met. [Back to Top]

Do you offer hospice care?
Yes. Our hospice care services are supported by a number of agencies and we can assist should an end-of-life situation arise. [Back to Top]

What sets Generations Senior Living of Berea apart from other providers?
At GSL Berea we know our residents by name, and approach living in our community as a way to improve and enhance their lives. We treat our residents like we would treat our own family which is evident in our Resident Satisfaction Survey rate of 93.75% which is higher than the statewide average, according to Ohio Department on Aging. This survey was conducted by trained interviewers, who met face-to-face with our residents. Residents rated their satisfaction with their facility’s environment, activities, staff members, laundry, meals and dining, as well as general satisfaction.

Our home-cooked meals are made with the same care and attention as the ones our own families would eat, and we support our residents in developing exactly the active social, spiritual and physical life they’d like to create for themselves. Check out video testimonials of why our residents and staff feel this truly is a great place to live! [Back to Top]

How much does it cost to live here?
As a family-owned and operated business, our costs are often lower than other residential communities run by large corporations. Fees vary depending on the services selected for the resident’s unique needs. 

Learn more about the cost of assisted living or give us a call at (440) 243-9050. [Back to Top]

How is assisted living paid for?
Assisted living fees can be paid for by multiple sources. Usually, it is paid for by the resident, possibly in combination with their family and long-term care insurance policies.

At assisted living communities, Medicare coverage for certain skilled services provided by home health agencies and hospice services may be available. The Veteran's Administration may also offer financial support for qualified veterans or spouses.  

Qualifying individuals can receive financial support from Medicaid through the Assisted Living Waiver program administered by the Ohio Department of Aging, an initiative in which GSL Berea Lake participates. 

Learn more about how you may qualify for financial assistance. [Back to Top]

How is assisted living regulated?
The Ohio Department of Health — under the classification of residential care facility — regulates all assisted living communities with 17 or more residents. Generations Senior Living of Berea is licensed by the Ohio Department of Health and the department annually inspects our building to ensure we meet or exceed the required standards. Contact us to learn more. [Back to Top]

Are there specific forms we need to fill out to begin the transition process to Generations Senior Living of Berea?
Yes, we have a checklist for moving in, resident profiles, health assessments and other important admissions forms to fill out before you join the GSL Berea family. [Back to Top]

How can I get more information?
The best way to get more information is to speak to one of our welcoming and compassionate staff members! Please call us at (440) 243-9050 or send a request through our contact page. [Back to Top]