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Resident Spotlight

Meet Marylou

Marylou was born in Youngstown, Ohio and graduated from Parma Schaaf High School in 1946. After graduating, she and her girlfriends were watching a local game of polocrosse where Marylou noticed a handsome man on horseback, Curtis, whom she would marry in 1948. Marylou worked for one year outside the home washing dishes at a local school, which she loved to do, but after becoming a mother she made the decision to stay home and raise the children. During their 65-year marriage, Marylou and Curtis had 4 children who kept her busy by day, then at night she earned a living sewing, a skill she learned under apprenticeship with a tailor, making bridesmaid dresses and hemming pants. Now that the kids are all grown, Marylou has 10 grandchildren and 7 great-grandchildren.

Marylou has many fond memories of watching her kids play sports and bowling on a team with her husband; one time scoring 199 which earned her a trophy! Her favorite memories, however, come from the many camping trips she took with her family. They traveled around, visiting family or frequenting small camping sites, in their 13-foot trailer. With 4 children, it was always crowded, but Marylou loved every minute and says that her family still fondly reminisces on these trips even today.

Marylou moved to Generations in July of 2021 and fit in immediately. She says that she loves how Generations is a safe and cozy place to live, that when you want something to do, there is always something going on, and when you want some quiet time alone, you have a comfortable room to return to. We are so lucky to have her as a member of our Generations family!

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