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Stay Hydrated! 5 Tips for Seniors to “Drink Up” this Summer

Warmer weather is finally here, which means it’s time to spend a few more hours soaking up the sun.

For seniors or your loved ones, however, it’s more important than ever to stay hydrated in hot, dry weather. Dehydration happens when an individual loses more water than they take in. So those extra sweaty summer months can be dangerous for seniors who might already be dehydrated from medications or decreased thirst.

Here are 5 tips for seniors to stay hydrated this summer:

1. Fruits and Veggies

Summer might bring the heat, but it also brings some of the most delicious in-season and water-packed foods of the year.

Feel free to indulge in favorite summer-ripe cucumbers, oranges, plums and lettuces all summer long. The extra water content in these foods will help keep optimal hydration levels.

2. Mix it Up

Good hydration doesn’t have to rely on water alone. Iced tea, home-made lemonade or even simply adding fruit to a bottle of water can make it easier (or at least tastier) to get more fluids.

Just be sure to avoid too many overly sweetened or caffeine-laden beverages, which could undo some hydration efforts.

3. Keep it With You

Sometimes the easiest way to get enough fluids is to make sure they are within easy reach. Keep a bottle of water next to the bed or a favorite chair, or carry one with you during the day to sip on between meals.

4. Summer Soups

Yes, soup can be delicious in the summer! Try soups that are best served cool or cold, or add seasonal veggies to keep things interesting.

5. Schedule It

Still having trouble staying hydrated? Why not add it as a short and easy activity throughout the day.

For example, Set a timer or schedule an appointment in your phone every couple of hours. When the buzzer rings, take a long sip of a healthful beverage.

Or, if you take a daily medicine, drink at least a few big gulps of water with each dose.

So “drink up!” healthfully this summer to beat the heat and stay on top of your hydration. Your body and health will thank you!

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  • Margarita Jones says:

    Thanks Erica for sharing these great tips. The best advice is to eat fruits and vegetables. They are good sources of vitamins and increase water content in the body. Soups are a good choice which can increase your loved one’s strength.

  • Erica Lindeman says:

    My indicator of knowing if I am dehydrated is if the color of my urine is very yellowish. It means even though I think I am drinking enough water, because of the heat I will be needing more.

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