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6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Seniors and their Caregivers

It’s that special time of year when many people decide to dive into spring cleaning.

For seniors and their caregivers, spring cleaning can not only be a benefit to keeping things spic and span, but also can be imperative to a senior’s continued safety and happiness. So here are a few tips to help with your next cleaning session!

  1. Check medicationsGo through all medications and check expiration dates. Safely dispose of any old medications and call in any refills that are needed. This is also a good time to check in with you or your loved one’s physicians to make sure the current medication regimen hasn’t changed or doesn’t need adjusted.
  1. Check alarmsTest all fire alarm, carbon monoxide and house alarm batteries or wiring to make sure they are in good working order. These safety devices often save lives, so replace any old batteries or call in an electrician if needed.
  1. Check cabinetsIt happens to all of us, at any age: things can sometimes get shoved onto high shelves or forgotten at the back of the drawers. Go through cabinets and other storage spaces (including the fridge and freezer), check expiration dates and throw away anything that’s gone unused or isn’t fresh.Garages and closets also might have items that can be donated, like old blankets, clothing or furniture.
  1. Create a budgetIf you’re looking to implement new organization methods or need to rent a storage unit, make sure to set a budget ahead of time and stick to it. Closet organization, plastic tubs and other organizational items can be expensive, so know what you’re willing to spend.(Bonus tip: a garage sale can help you purchase the needed organizational items.)
  1. Clear pathwaysMake sure clear paths are available to all important parts of the house or apartment. Check cords, pick up clutter and double check any other tripping hazards, like low stools or other furniture. Stumbles or falls can be a big safety hazard for you or your loved one, so eliminate as many trip risks as possible.
  1. Keep dignityIf you’re a caregiver, make sure you include your loved one in the cleaning process as much as possible. While some seniors may not be able to help move things physically, if they’re able, allow them to make decisions about things to keep, donate and throw away and keep them in the loop about cleaning. This allows your loved one to retain a sense of autonomy and control about their life, even if things about their living space might be changing.No matter how you go about spring cleaning, remember to keep safety and comfort in mind! If you’d like to learn more about how Generations Healthcare helps our residents in Assisted and Independent Living with housekeeping, contact us.

  • David waddell says:

    You can set aside a few days for cleaning. People have a tendency to leave out important places to clean at the end of the day. Making a list of the rooms and areas to clean around the house can be of great help. Make sure the alarming system is working throughout the year. It is of utmost importance. Cleaning around the house with your loved one is an excellent idea.

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