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Football Parties for Every Generation

Kids are back to school, there’s a chill in the air each morning and leaves are beginning to change. Fall is just around the corner, which means football season has begun, giving people of every age opportunities to cheer for their favorite teams, enjoy tailgating fun and spend lazy Sundays with the family on the couch.

If you would like to make football season extra special for every generation in your family, here are a few ideas for parties to celebrate those touchdowns together.

  1. Pick a Theme
    Themed football parties are a great way to unite your party goers, no matter their age. Try a Vintage Football theme where grandparents can contribute their memories, and kids and grandkids can learn about star athletes from yesteryear.Mix nostalgic appetizer recipes (“PigSkins” in a Blanket) or vintage cocktails for the adults with some of your kids’ favorite snacks to give your party a nice, varied spread.
  1. Change Up Your Location
    Maybe the senior citizens in your family always come to your place for Sunday dinner and football, but try taking the party to them sometime! Whether they still live on their own, or inhabit an assisted living community, a little company (with a fun vibe!) can bring a lot of cheer to their home. Plus, you may be able to leave some healthy leftovers from your party your loved one can snack on throughout the week.
  1. Provide a Healthy Spread
    It’s easy to snack on not-so-great options at game-time. Between cheesy dips, pizza and dessert, football season can mean packing on the pounds quickly for individuals of any age.Provide guests with some healthy options, like a veggie tray and hummus. Or, switch out some of your favorite foods with lighter options, like home-baked hot wings instead of fried wings from the carryout.
  1. Make it Festive
    If you have time, decorate your space to make the party extra memorable. Seniors can work with little ones to cut out football shapes, blow up balloons or hang streamers. Have someone with extra fancy penmanship? Ask them to write cards for each food item or fill out invitations to hand out to friends.
  1. Game It Out
    Yes, you’re already watching a football game or two, but why not play some games together to add even more fun? Perhaps players can win points for field goals, or you can work out your own bingo cards for types of commercials in between plays. Winners get to take home a special snack, gift bag or small trophy.

No matter how you choose to enjoy football season, it’s a great time to get the whole family involved and spend some quality time together.

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  • Marcelo Fincher says:

    Great ideas for a party for seniors! Some excitement is great for the mental and emotional wellbeing of the elderly. In fact, engaging in regular activities, particularly something that involves mild exercise and play, can have a very positive impact. Looking forward to more such ideas.

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