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Enjoying Life Once Again

Think back… didn’t you see your parents shed a tear when you were hurt or disappointed;  happy when you made the grades or won an award, patted you on the back when you tried your best, and always let you know how proud they were of you?   Weren’t you afraid to walk into school on the first day because you didn’t know anyone, and soon those scary people became your best friends? bench-1038961_1920

The journey with our folks is really the same,
only in a reverse manner. This time we are walking with them through these lessons in life, in hopes to have the same ending to the story.

Now it is your turn to shed a tear when they feel hurt or disappointed; happy when they accomplish a goal, paint a pretty picture, and win a card game. It is now your job to remind them that it is ok to be afraid, you are there for them. It is your turn to enjoy the moment they talk about a new friend or go out on an adventure.

I find so often caregivers feel guilt over sending their loved one to “live in a home.” If I could only reach out and say, let them live and don’t shelter them.  We all want the best for our loved ones. But ask yourself this question: do they have the best life living at home isolated, alone and disconnected from the world?  There is life out there! There are caring workers out there who stand ready to assist with the challenges of daily living so that you can  watch the smiles on their faces when they achieve their goals, hug them when they are sad, talk and listen, teach them that it is ok for one step back but there is always two steps forward.

Isn’t it all about enjoying life again, just in a different light?

At Generations Healthcare Management, we stand ready to help you navigate life’s challenges so that you can be free to cherish this special time in the lives of those you love.  For more information about our communities, please contact us.

  • Melissa - Seniorcare-homes.com says:

    Thanks for your heart touching writing, Shannon. I agree that we all want the best for our loved ones, but sometimes it’s difficult to choose a new place for them. I’m afraid sending my parents to wrong place where they didn’t get enough attention, where they can’t even complain about it.

  • Laura Troyani says:

    What a great reminder Shannon. If only we felt a little more comfortable having these delicate conversation with our parents (or loved ones in general) we might better know what they want in their last days and how we can best help them get it. It would also help remove the guilt that we’re not doing right by them.

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