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Is My Grief Normal?


That’s the short answer.

Many books have been written on grief and the grieving process, but no one has written your book. Grief is a process, a journey, a series of emotions, reactions, thoughts and behaviors that differ from person to person and situation to situation.

There are so many factors that impact grief and your reaction to grief can feel foreign, excruciatingly painful and unexpected. These reactions can vary from day to day, moment to moment. And this is all normal.

Our grief exists for many reasons. Simply, we grieve because we loved and our grief is an enduring proof of that love and of the significance of our loved one in our life. Our grief allows us to remain connected to our loved one, even after they’ve passed.

There is no timeline to grief. If we think of our grief as a journey, we might better accept the winding road it can take – complete with starts and stops, detours and straightaways. Because your relationship with your grief may also change over time, it’s impossible to define ‘normal’ versus ‘abnormal.’

Some find it helpful to talk with a therapist or seek out a support group. If you want a little extra guidance or if you feel your experiences go beyond what is typical for you, some professional support might help.

At Cypress Hospice, we want each of our patients and their loved ones to know that no matter what happens during an end of life situation, they are not alone and they have a hand to hold. That’s why we provide grief support services both during a patient’s time with us, as well as for one year after a patient passes.

Learn more about Cypress Hospice and the grief and loss support we provide.

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