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Returning to School Post-Retirement

Fall is back to school season, and for many retirees, it’s not just the grandkids who are returning to the classroom.

Many seniors find joy in learning, and as a result, they experience numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that mental stimulation helps to improve cognitive abilities and memory function, which may lower your risk for Alzheimer’s and dementia.

So, if you’re looking to get back in the classroom, here are three ideas to explore:

  1. Enroll at your local community college
    Many seniors are back to hitting the books, after re-enrolling at their local community college. For some, it’s an opportunity to earn their first degree. For others, it’s a chance to explore a new career and enjoy the social amenities of campus life.Regardless of the reason, returning to college later in life has never been easier or more affordable. Many universities offer reduced rates — even tuition exemption — for seniors, as part of lifelong learning institutes. In Ohio, all state schools offer free classes to anyone 60 years of age or older.
  1. Explore a new hobby
    For those who don’t want to commit to college-level coursework, consider joining classes and workshops offered through your local community center. Learn to cook a five-course meal. Find your inner artist through pottery. Stay healthy and fit with water aerobics. From quilting to woodworking, seniors can explore new hobbies and expand their skill set in a fun, group setting.
  1. Teach a class
    Returning as a student isn’t the only way to get back in the classroom. Many adult education programs need part-time instructors. Teaching one or two classes a week is a great way for seniors to pass on their knowledge to the next generation.
    So, grab those pencils and books! You can discover the love of learning at any age.

At Generations, we provide many options to help our residents to stay active and healthy. Learn more about our active senior communities in the Cleveland, Ohio area. Contact us to learn more about our independent and assisted living communities.

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