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5 Ways Hospice Helps with Grief and Loss

You’re not alone.

As a hospice provider, that’s the message we share with those who have lost loved ones. Coping with grief is a difficult, yet important step toward healing. We hope to make that process easier for the families of our patients.

Here are five ways we can help:

  1. End-of-Life Preparation
    Regardless of age, end-of-life preparations are never easy to make. They require difficult, sometimes frightening, conversations. But without proper planning, funeral arrangements and estate management will only amplify your feelings of stress and loss. Hospice care teams can help you navigate the preparation process and facilitate end-of-life discussions before your loved one passes.
  1. Grief Counseling
    When facing the death of a loved one, it may be helpful to speak with a mental health professional. Many hospice facilities offer grief counseling to individuals and their families. Specializing in bereavement, these counselors will provide you with the coping skills needed to move forward.
  1. Education & Resources
    Everyone grieves differently. To guide you in your healing process, we offer a variety of bereavement materials for you to reference. Our team will provide you with helpful handouts or direct you to online resources, and we’re always here to answer any questions.
  1. Coping Strategies & Support
    As individuals who frequently deal with loss, hospice providers are familiar with grief and the support it requires. We’re here to provide encouragement and helpful tips to patient families, as they establish new routines and develop self-care plans.
  1. Shared Memories
    As healthcare providers, we form close ties to our patients and their families. When a patient passes away, we share your feelings of loss and grief. As part of our own healing process, we love to reminisce. Feel free to ask your care provider to share stories and happy memories they had with your loved one.

If you’re coping with end-of-life issues, Cypress Hospice is here to help. Contact us to learn more.

  • David A. Waddell says:

    Hi Kimberly

    I understand what a difficult time it is for families when they require hospice care. However, your article sheds light on all the keypoints that would be helpful to any family member. I personally believe that healthcare caregivers are the best people to turn to because they can truly share the compassion you have for your loved one and they are the ones who have spent the most time with him/her as well. I would also advise families to follow your tips and get the help of professionals to help them come to terms with their imminent loss.

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