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Mission, Principles & Values

We are dedicated to the spirit of independence. Generations’ mission, principles and values were first communicated by Robert M. Coury over forty years ago. The organization is united around the ideas of friendship, freedom and family, which guide our daily actions and decisions.

Our Mission

To create a supportive and comfortable environment where residents can live life as they choose. We want to bring the comfort of home to senior living. We understand that situations are unique to every resident. Our expert staff will collaborate with individuals, their family and their physician to evaluate the circumstances and formulate the optimal care alternatives.

Our Principles

We Respect All Individuals

  • We provide personalized care.
  • We extend support when needed and desired.
  • We recognize the importance of personal space and privacy.

We Provide Unyielding Attention

  • We tailor our services to your changing needs.
  • We provide trained, experienced staff around the clock.
  • We provide support at the push of a button.

We Value Hands-On Management

  • We embrace a personal approach to management. Our directors and owners are readily available.
  • We respond promptly to requests and challenges.
  • We are proactive but do not micromanage.

We are Family Owned and Operated

  • We uphold the traditions of the first generation. 
  • We partner closely with hospitals and local communities.
  • We believe community engagement enriches the organization. 

We Develop and Believe in Our Employees

  • We enable employees to be decision makers.
  • We support the continuing education of our employees, ensuring they are well informed and current.
  • We retain staff members at excellent rates. Every employee counts and no one does it alone.

Our Values


  • We help individuals maintain and regain as much independence as possible through our independent living services.
  • We believe residents should be empowered to make important life decisions with the support of their families and networks.
  • We welcome new residents into our home as family.
  • We deliver the safety and support necessary not only for a resident’s happiness, but their positive development.  


  • We are dedicated to supplying the highest quality and most cost effective services. 
  • We define quality care as the care we would provide to our own family.
  • We advocate process simplicity, enabling decisions to be made quickly and effectively. We maintain a knowledgeable and compassionate staff. 

Resident Focus

  • We offer unique resident communities; every location has different characteristics and qualities.
  • We care deeply about residents and encourage their full enjoyment and engagement. 
  • We provide nutritious homemade meals and many social programs and activities.
  • We are situated in local communities with a variety of attractions within walking and driving distance.
  • We know our residents by name.


  • We approach our work with passion.
  • We are engaged with local communities and organizations and maintain an active presence in different venues.
  • We believe in innovation and in continually improving our care and service methods. 


  • We allow integrity to guide all our actions.
  • We pursue high values and standards.
  • We appreciate that family members and professionals can refer to us with confidence.
  • We uphold an outstanding reputation within our communities.   

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