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Staff Nurse


Staff Nurse

Job Description:

Generations offers an outstanding supportive environment for professionals passionate about care and interested in forming real relationships with our residents.

Generations is a second-generation family owned and operated company located in Berea, OH.  Employees are empowered to make decisions and we support their ongoing education. Our retention rates are very high because we know every employee counts and no one does it alone. Together, we can make a difference “Every family has a story. Welcome to Ours!”

Job Summary:   

The nurse is present to keep the residents safe, healthy, and in accordance with their physician’s recommendations for medications and care.  The nurse is ultimately responsible to provide accurate medications as needed, an open and on-going communication with the resident’s physicians and family regarding the resident’s ongoing health and well-being.  The wellness center will be maintained in an orderly, accurate, and professional manner by the nurse.  All documentation (required and supplemental) will be legible, concise, and timely.

Reporting Relationship:

Supervised by:                      Director of Nursing

Positions Supervised:    Resident Care Managers

Interrelationships:                 Residents, family, and other health care team members



  1. Currently licensed as a nurse in the State of Ohio, and is a graduate of an approved school of nursing.
  2. Has genuine interest in nursing care and rehabilitation of the Assisted Living individual.
  3. Ability to coordinate the health care services for residents utilizing facility staff.
  4. Ability to coordinate, supervise and assist in evacuation of residents from facility, as appropriate.
  5. Adhere to appropriate department, administrative and personnel policies.


  1. Knowledge of assisted living care, personal care services and procedures, as well as laws, regulations and guidelines pertaining to the assisted living facility operations.
  2. Ability to plan, organize, develop. Implement, and interpret the programs, goals, objectives, policies and procedures, etc., that are necessary for providing quality resident care and maintaining a sound operation.
  3. Strong leadership interest and ability, and ability to act as a resource person. Ability and interest in assisting personnel to develop their personal skills and potential.
  4. Ability to work harmoniously with and supervise professional personnel.
  5. Ability to work under the direction of the Director and assume the responsibility of the Director in his/her absence.

Job Responsibilities:

  1. Plan, organize, and direct activities of Health Care Attendants including scheduling and assignment of duties and responsibilities.
  2. Supervise and direct resident care responsibilities.
  3. Instruct and oversee Health Care Attendants in delivery of new and or changes in resident personal care needs.
  4. Evaluates the Health Care Attendant’s performance and makes recommendations regarding retention, wage adjustments and promotion to the Health Service Coordinator or Administrator.
  5. Initiates and implements disciplinary action regarding Health Care Attendants as directed by the Health Service Coordinator or Administrator.
  6. Assumes the responsibilities and authority of the Health Service Coordinator as assigned.
  7. Receives, investigates and decides employee grievances at the appropriate level.
  8. Coordinate all nursing functions of assigned team.
  9. Receive nursing report from previous shift.
  10. Give nursing report to Health Care Attendant about the individual status of their assigned residents.
  11. Receive on-going and end of shift report from Health Care Attendants.
  12. Assesses the daily and long term needs of residents and their total assistance in activities of daily living and personal care services.
  13. Report to Health Service Coordinator regarding resident: new observations, symptoms, response to assistance in personal care service and nursing service provided by a Certified Home Health Agency.
  14. Administer medication and record, according to physician’s orders, facility policy and safe nursing practice.
  15. Conduct nursing assessment on admission and return from hospital leave of absence, as requested by the Health Service Coordinator.
  16. Stimulate interest and encourage resident participation in social activities, religious programs, therapies, beauty and barber shop.
  17. Communicate with residents and sponsors regarding resident condition, treatments, and other appropriate information.
  18. Execute all appropriate facility and nursing department policies and procedures in the delivery of resident care.
  19. Ensure compliance by Health Care Attendant with all administrative and personnel policies and procedures.
  20. Participate in Staff Development Programs.
  21. Any other assigned duties.

 Included Benefits

  • 401K
  • Health, Dental and Vision
  • Vacation and Sick Pay

 Job Type: Full-time

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