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Joel Rutkowski Accounting Director, Generations Healthcare Management

Joel Rutkowski
Phone (440)243-5668 x232

Joel started with the Generations Healthcare Management family as a teenager, doing floor maintenance at one of their locations. Years later, he is still with Generations, working in the corporate office. Joel graduated from Cleveland State University, and has always been very organized, putting the right things in the right place, which is a natural fit with his chosen profession of accounting.

Joel’s favorite part of his job is the people. “I love working with people that not only care about the work they do but also care about the lives we can affect working in the healthcare industry,” he says. “It starts at the top and is felt throughout the company.”

When Joel is not working, he likes spending time with his many nieces and nephews, as well as watching food shows and then trying new things in the kitchen. He also enjoys getting outdoors to play golf or volleyball.