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Eileen Kilbane Human Resources & Purchasing Director, Generations Healthcare Management

Eileen Kilbane
Berea, Ohio 44017

Eileen started with the Coury family in 1973 working an old-time cord switchboard during her sophomore year of high school. She kept asking for more things to do while working the switchboard, and soon ended up doing medical records and general office work, eventually leading to earning her own office.

Eileen has a lot of energy and is highly motivated therefore she learned to do many different jobs over the course of her time at Generations. She now acts as the Human Resource and Purchasing Director.

She credits her success to having the best mentors around for forty years. “The owners are great to work for because they truly care about the residents and the employees,” Eileen says. “They really appreciate what every employee does and they show it! The staff is very friendly and happy; it’s just a positive place to be!”

When she’s not working, Eileen enjoys spending time with her children and grandchildren. She’s an avid reader and loves going on mini-vacations with friends.