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Anita Buddo Named Administrator of the Year

Anita Buddo
By Kim Bergmann
Published May 1, 2015

Anita Buddo, Administrator of Franklin Ridge Healthcare Center, Named Administrator of the Year by the Ohio Healthcare Association

At its annual statewide convention in Columbus in April 2015, the Ohio Healthcare Association named Anita Buddo, Administrator of Franklin Ridge Healthcare Center, as Administrator of the Year.

Anita Buddo began her long term care career more than 30 years ago. She is a unique example of someone who has climbed the long term care career ladder.

She began as a nursing assistant. From there, she became an LPN and continued her education to become a registered nurse. She worked as a Director of Nursing while completing a business degree, and advanced to become a licensed nursing home administrator.

Anita has dedicated her life to the care and services of those in long term care. She has the unique insight to understand both the clinical and quality of life needs of the residents.

Her leadership and direction resulted in Franklin Ridge achieving the AHCA Bronze Quality Award in 2014. With her direction, innovation and quality improvement are key concepts. Franklin Ridge has implemented full integration of electronic health records; utilizes Advancing Excellence, LTC Trend Tracker and other evidence-based measures; and has implemented a FOCUS/PDSA model for quality assurance to identify problems and potential areas for improvement.

Her understanding of the needs of the residents and the staff is demonstrated in her daily routine of spending time with the residents and working side by side with the staff to meet the challenges of the day.  Above all, she displays integrity and concern for people as the foundation for her daily activities, demonstrating her commitment to the profession.

The staff at Franklin Ridge is supported by Anita's belief in continuing education for all as a necessity for quality care.

Franklin Ridge CEO Michael Coury says, "working alongside Anita has taught me the importance of caring for the whole person, addressing not only clinical needs, but social goals as well. Anita is a great example of one who leads by her actions." 

Please join us in congratulating Anita Buddo, our Administrator of the Year!

The Ohio Health Care Association (OHCA) is proud to represent more than 800 nursing facilities, assisted living communities and intermediate care facilities for individuals with intellectual disabilities (ICFs-IID). Ohio’s largest long term care association, OHCA was established in 1946 to meet the needs of the state's growing number of long-term care professionals, which today totals more than 100,000 exceptional men and women who care for Ohio’s most frail and vulnerable citizens.

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