How Cypress Hospice Works

We understand that life works on its own cycle, which is why we make ourselves available to our physicians and patients 24/7. When you’re ready to refer a patient, contact us any time and we will begin the process of meeting your patient and formulating a plan for their palliative care.

We believe your role as a primary care physician or specialist is still important to each patient’s overall well-being. We work closely with you, your patient, their loved ones and our team of hospice professionals to develop the right plan of care that doesn’t just address symptoms or pain, but also helps to create positive experiences in the time they have left.

Here’s how the process works:

  1. Refer a patient online or by calling (440) 973-0250
  2. One of our specialists will respond to your request within the hour
  3. We will discuss whether your patient is a good candidate for hospice care
  4. We will schedule an appointment to meet you and your patient at the earliest convenience (usually that day)
  5. Our staff works with you to formulate the best plan of care for up to six months for the patient
  6. In some cases, patients improve and refer out of hospice care. We will discuss options thoroughly with you in these circumstances
  7. We will continually check in with you and your staff throughout our time with the patient

Learn more about when to refer your patient, or contact us today with questions.