Hospice Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Cypress serve?
Cypress Hospice compassionately serves individuals who are 18 and older, as well as their family members and caregivers at home, in retirement communities or skilled nursing centers throughout Northeast Ohio. [Back to top]

Who pays for Hospice?
Most hospice services are covered by the following benefits; Medicare, private insurance, HMO, Medicaid or Veteran benefits. We would be happy to assist in determining which benefits apply to you, so contact us today. [Back to top]

Do I have to have cancer to go on hospice?
There is a misconception that only patients with cancer receive hospice care. On the contrary, we provide hospice care to any patient 18 or older who is experiencing an end of life situation, usually six months or less. Learn more about other myths and facts about hospice. [Back to top]

When should I call for hospice?
We recommend that patients and families call for hospice when facing an end of life situation. Sometimes hospice may be recommended by a doctor, and other times a patient or family member may simply feel that it’s time to seek support and comfort in preparing to celebrate life’s final moments. Learn more about what to know when considering hospice. [Back to top]

Am I giving up if I go on Hospice?
Absolutely not. Hospice is a supportive philosophy of care that truly helps individuals enjoy and celebrate life to the fullest when ongoing treatment may impede quality of life. Though there may be uncertainty or fear when choosing hospice care, we find that both patients and family members benefit from having empathetic professionals who can help during uncertain times. Patients then get to focus on filling each day of living with personal choice, dignity and quality moments with friends and family. [Back to top]

Who can make the initial referral?
A physician, social worker, family member or caregiver can make the initial referral. Some patients even personally elect to enter hospice care, especially if he or she feels ongoing curative treatment would be a hindrance to his or her quality of life. If you're patient is ready to begin treatment, learn more about the referral process. [Back to top]

Is hospice a place or a service?
Hospice care is a philosophy of care and a service, not necessarily a place. We serve and support patients where they are, often in their current homes or care facilities. Learn how Cypress Hospice works. [Back to top]

How long can I be on hospice?
Cypress Hospice provides care for patients when an end of life situation has been diagnosed by a physician. In general, we work with patients on average for six months, however, each individual’s circumstance is unique. We would be happy to have this personal discussion with you, so contact us today. [Back to top]

Can I be discharged from hospice services?
Some patients may be discharged from hospice services if they choose to resume curative treatment, or if they show signs of improvement and do not meet a six-month life expectancy. [Back to top]

What type of personal care will hospice provide?
The hospice philosophy embraces a holistic approach. Cypress Hospice works as an interdisciplinary team to provide a unique, individualized plan for each patient. This personal care can include management of pain, medications, and wounds. Services also include personal care assistance and the provision of medical equipment and supplies as needed. Learn more about our hospice care and services. [Back to top]

Will I have to change physicians?
No. Hospice care is a service. We work side by side with your physician and caregivers to ensure you receive the best personal plan to help you celebrate life’s journey. Cypress Hospice also offers physician services as needed. Find the right hospice provider for you.
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What happens to medication when on hospice services?
We work directly with physicians and caregivers to understand current medications and develop a plan to continue these medications or adjust based upon each individual’s comfort level or physical needs. [Back to top]

Do you have a chaplain?
Yes. We believe that hospice care is about so much more than the physical process when time is uncertain. We know many patients and families find comfort through spiritual support. This is why we offer the services of a chaplain during the initial planning process and ongoing as needed. Our goal is that each patient receives the spiritual care that would be most beneficial to his or her overall well-being. [Back to top]

Is spiritual support provided to patients and their family members?
Yes. Cypress Hospice provides individuals with spiritual support during his or her life journey. It is also about involving family, friends and caregivers in celebrating together each day of life. Spiritual support is unique to each individual. We will work with the patient and family to determine the level of support needed. [Back to top

Does Cypress Hospice offer bereavement support? If so, what does it mean?
Yes. Cypress Hospice is about providing holistic support, both before and after end of life situations. We work with and support patients, family members, friends and caregivers throughout the grieving process. Grief and bereavement can begin even before life ends. We provide a comforting, empathetic environment for all involved. Social Workers and Grief Counselors can follow up with family for up to a year after a loved one passes, especially focusing on birthdays, anniversaries, or other days that can be difficult. [Back to top]

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