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We know that hospice can feel scary but finding an Ohio hospice care center near home can alleviate some of that fear and is important so you can be there for your loved one during their palliative care journey.

At Cypress Hospice, we will help you understand what hospice means so that you can make the right choices for your family. There are a lot of misconceptions about hospice, so it’s important to know the myths and facts.

There can be uncertainty and apprehension when hearing the word “hospice”, but here is what to know when considering hospice to help the uneasiness you may be feeling.

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We work directly with our patients and their families, caregivers and healthcare providers to develop a personalized, goal-oriented plan for the most supportive hospice care environment in Ohio for your loved one to Celebrate Life’s Journey.

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Why Cypress?

We are family owned and operated, and we are passionate about providing compassion and care beyond what traditional hospice programs offer. We’ve served Ohio residents with best-in-class hospice care through sharing our “Hospice Heart.”

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Hospice Resources

We offer experienced guidance through education to ease your decision about selecting hospice during an end-of-life situation. We know that there are many questions you may have about hospice care, like “Is hospice covered by insurance?”, “When should I switch to hospice?”, “How much is hospice care?”, and many more. We answer these and other frequently asked questions here.

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You are not alone

Every individual should Celebrate Life's Journey with tranquility, freedom of choice and dignity.

Our mission is to provide a hand to hold while giving spiritual, social and physical support to individuals, their families and their caretakers. We provide grief and loss support to each of our patients and their loved ones throughout their hospice care and after an individual has passed. You are not alone in this journey.

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