Mission, Principle & Values

We are dedicated to the spirit of independence. Crystal Waters’ mission, principles, and values were first articulated by Robert Coury more than 40 years ago. They unite the community around the ideals of freedom, friendship and family - and set the highest standard for all our actions and relationships.

Our Mission

To create a comfortable and supportive environment where residents can live as they choose and maintain a high quality of life. We want to bring the comfort of home to senior living. We understand that circumstances are unique to every resident. Our professional staff will work with individuals, their physician and their family to appraise the situation and deliver personalized services to meet their needs.   

Our Principles

We Respect All Individuals

  • We work with residents to provide personalized care and services.
  • We extend support only when the need and desire exist.
  • We recognize the need for personal privacy.

We Provide Unyielding Attention

  • We customize services as residents’ needs evolve.
  • We staff care managers around the clock.
  • We deliver support at the push of a button.

We Value Hands-On Management

  • We advocate a personal management methodology. Our directors and owners are very accessible.
  • We maintain the traditions of the founding generation.
  • We answer swiftly to challenges and questions.
  • We are dedicated but do not micromanage.

We Develop and Believe in Our Employees

  • We empower employees to make decisions.
  • We provide convenient management access and free meals.
  • We retain staff at high rates. Everyone counts and we work as a team.

Our Values


  • We assist residents in attaining their maximum level of independence.
  • We gauge success by the protection of a resident’s freedom of choice.
  • We welcome new residents into our home as family.
  • We deliver the safety and support necessary for not only for a resident’s happiness, but their positive development.


  • We are dedicated to providing the highest quality services at the most efficient price. 
  • We characterize quality care as the care we would administer to our own family.
  • We empower decisions to be made readily and efficiently and endorse simplicity in our methods.
  • We cultivate a competent and compassionate staff.

Resident Focus

  • We are a distinctive retirement community with our own features and traits.
  • We empathize deeply with residents and aim for their full enjoyment and engagement.
  • We host many Social Programs and Activities and supply healthy home-style meals.
  • We are located in the small but active town of Strongsville, OH.
  • We know residents by name.


  • We set high values and standards.
  • We appreciate knowing that professionals and family members send us referrals with confidence.
  • We maintain a great community reputation.

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Friendly staff. Cleanliness throughout community. Lots of amenities! Pleasing exterior of building. Great decor: Water foundation, dining room, public areas, Baby Grand Piano!!

- Elisabeth B.