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Choosing an Assisted Living Community

A lot of variables should be considered when selecting an Assisted Living community. The care and services provided tend to vary, making research time well spent. It is important to think carefully about you or your loved one’s needs and desires and check for compatibility.

Go on a tour and bring a set of targeted questions. Notice the atmosphere of the building and speak with the residents and staff. Participate in one of the community activities. Ask yourself, are you inspired when thinking about this place as home? Care and service requirements aside, comfort is key.

Below are some relevant questions to ask:

Does the community have a homelike feel?
What are the living costs?
What services carry additional charges?
What are the payment policies?
Is there a waitlist?
Can the staff assist with handling finances?
Is renter’s insurance required?
Are the buildings attractive?
Do residents appear comfortable, happy, and friendly?

Care & Services
How are a resident’s needs assessed?
What medical services are provided?
Will my specific medical needs be met?
How are medications handled?
What happens during a medical emergency?
Can the medical staff handle changing medical conditions?
Are there visiting physicians?
Do current residents look well cared for?

Is the staff happy and friendly?
Do they know residents by name?
Do relationships with staff seem to be built on mutual respect?
Are staff members available onsite at night?
Does the management team inspire confidence?
Are nurses available onsite?
What qualifications do the staff members have?

What types of rooms are available?
Are areas well marked?
Is there good lighting?

Are the rooms clean?
How frequent are housekeeping services?
How is the laundry service handled?
What maintenance is provided, and how quick are responses?

What choices are available?
Are they nutritious and home cooked?
Do they accommodate special dietary restrictions and allergies?
Does a dietitian review the menus?

Social Programs
Are there a variety of activities offered?
Are you able to observe different activities?
Are there many trips outside the community?
Do planned events and activities match your interests?
Are there many community volunteers?
Is there additional cost for transportation?
What spiritual services are available?

Additional Questions
How do residents contact the staff in the case of emergencies?
What is the move out process?
How much notice is needed to move out?
Are there elevators?
Are pets allowed?

We would be happy to answer any questions you have about Generations' Assisted Living Communities. View our frequently asked questions or contact us today.