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At Generations Healthcare Management we are committed to protecting and promoting the health and safety of our residents, employees, families, and friends.  To that end we remain both vigilant and diligent in our ongoing monitoring and preparation in managing this pandemic.  Our family has always been and continues to be committed to delivering the best in care and services.  We thank you for placing your trust in us and remain ready to serve you in every way possible.

The Coury Family 



To implement and promote the best policies for the safety for all, it is vitally important that we remain informed about the latest information in managing and containing the virus.  At Generations Senior Living, we not only stay informed, we assist at the state level in the development and implementation of policies for optimal for senior living communities.

Two principals of GSL are also Board members of the Ohio Healthcare Association, the state’s largest association of long-term care providers.  In this capacity we share practical experience with best practices in developing policy that can be applied throughout the long-term care continuum.

In addition, on a daily basis, we monitor the news and information from:   

Remaining current with the everchanging information and guidance from these agencies is essential for our ability to keep our residents and employees healthy and informed.



While no one can guarantee an individual will not contract the coronavirus, at Generations Healthcare Management we have implemented the following safeguards to assist in minimizing the exposure:

  1. All residents and employees are monitored daily for symptoms of the virus including temperature checks.
  2. Employees wear face masks daily and additional protective clothing (gloves, gowns, eye protection) are utilized as needed.
  3. Residents wear face masks while in the common areas of the community.
  4. Hand hygiene is required of employees and encouraged and assisted with all residents including the use of hand sanitizers.
  5. Social distancing is practiced between residents as well as between staff members, except during the provision of personal care services to residents.
  6. The common areas are cleaned often with industrial cleansers and supplies.
  7. The communities follow the Ohio Department of Health guidelines for visitation between residents and family members.
  8. We continuously purchase Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure our employees and residents have the supplies necessary to minimize the risk of contracting the virus.
  9. We have limited access to our communities to only essential personnel at this time. 



Should a resident or employee contract COVID-19, our first response will be to ensure that individual receives the appropriate medical care and services.  We will notify the county health department and begin a collaboration with them in implementing best practices for any other resident or employee who may have been exposed to that individual.  This could include self-quarantine, testing and any other measures deemed necessary by the health department. 

In addition, we will ensure that all residents, responsible parties, and employees are aware of the positive case and appropriately advised of any precautions that should be implemented at that time.



We invite you to view the following websites which have been providing constant updates and information throughout this time.