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You Can Afford to Live at Berea Lake Towers!

You Can Afford to Live at Berea Lake Towers Infographic Image

Deciding to make the leap to an assisted living community can be difficult for seniors, their children or caregivers. When making the decision, cost is usually a big factor. But is assisted living really more expensive than living at home?

If you break down your day-to-day costs, you might be surprised by how affordable it is to live in Berea Lake Towers. When you factor in household expenses, property taxes, meals, utilities and maintenance, you might actually be paying more than you would in an assisted living community. Add in socialization, security, and peace of mind, and you might find that assisted living offers much more than what you can provide for yourself at home.

Take a look at the infographic. How much are you paying to live in your current home? In a monthly rent payment, you can take the hassle out of paying more than a dozen different bills by consolidating them all into one. At Berea Lake Towers, we’re all about making things simple for you. We can offer all the comforts of home and more.

At Berea Lake Towers we offer even more services to meet your needs.  Ask us about our personal care service packages which include: medication monitoring, mobility assistance, bathing and dressing assistance.

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