Activities & Programs that Strengthen the Body

COE Lake at Berea Lake Towers

Physical activity is one of the most vital and enjoyable ways to instill the body with vibrancy, health and well-being. Continued exercise has been proven to assist in minimizing the risk of falls and reduces the occurrence of serious injury should a fall occur. Something as simple as a 15-minute daily walk can improve the overall quality of someone’s life. Benefits extend well beyond the purely physical realm, as mental functioning is also stimulated. 

Berea Lake Towers offers several fitness and conditioning programs to meet a resident’s physical needs. Contact us to learn more about our Programs and Activities.


It was a privilege for my Mom to live here for 2 years. The staff was wonderful, very helpful and the community has a family environment. She loved it here and it was like living in a 5-star hotel. Excellent food, highly recommended!

- Jan Joyner