Senior Transportation

At Berea Lake Towers, we know that transportation helps seniors live independently and avoid isolation. Senior citizens need to get to their medical appointments, shop for groceries and interact within their communities but are often unable to transport themselves. Every individual has the right to public transportation, so we have established a variety of transportation services to keep our Berea Lake Towers residents mobile:

  • Ambulance Services – Berea Lake partners with ambulance services to transport residents to doctor’s appointments. These transportation services require passengers to pay a fee.
  • Senior Wheels – This collaboration between the cities of Berea, Brook Park and Strongsville provides transportation to all local residents. Rides range from $1 to $5, and can be reserved at 440-826-0800.
  • Southwest Courtesy Van - This public transportation vehicle is available to transport senior citizens to appointments at Southwest Healthcare Center and Strongsville Medical Center. Rides can be reserved at 440-816-4046.
  • Southwest Cab Company – This cab service is available 24/7 to transport senior citizens around the city of Berea. Rides can be reserved at 440-327-3100.
  • Berea Lake Bus– This vehicle is available to transport groups of Berea Lake residents to the bank, stores and other venues.

Contact us to learn more about the amenities and services at Berea Lake Towers.

It was a privilege for my Mom to live here for 2 years. The staff was wonderful, very helpful and the community has a family environment. She loved it here and it was like living in a 5-star hotel. Excellent food, highly recommended!

- Jan Joyner