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Independent & Assisted Living FAQs

Have a question about Assisted or Independent Living? Here are answers to some frequently asked questions.

What is the difference between Independent and Assisted Living?
The primary difference is level of care. Read our detailed explanation. [Back to Top]

How do I decide which option is best?
Take a look at the needs, goals, and desired lifestyle of you or your loved one. Does he or she have routine tasks that require assistance? Does the individual face significant health challenges? If the answers are yes, then Assisted Living is more suitable. Is occasional support and increased socialization the main attraction? Is there no longer the desire to invest time and energy maintaining a home? Independent Living may be the perfect match. Read more about the differences between Independent and Assisted Living. [Back to Top]

Does Independent or Assisted Living work well for individuals with dementia or other memory loss conditions?
Assisted Living can provide services for mild to moderate dementia care. Medical staff is often on hand to monitor each individual so that the level of care is increased as the individual’s needs increase. [Back to Top]

What types of medical care will I have access to?
Wellness monitoring, physician services, nursing services, medication monitoring and administration, home health care, and hospice services are a few of the options. Find a Community to learn more about our medical services. [Back to Top]

How is my privacy ensured?
Every individual has their own private suite, and our staff and fellow residents are very respectful of personal boundaries and space. We are also bound by HIPAA regulations and never share a resident’s information outside the HIPAA authorized users. [Back to Top]

Is there an emergency response system?
Yes. Residents have pendants they wear as well as all suites are equipped with an easily accessible emergency response system. [Back to Top]

What types of activities are available?
These vary from location to location, but we offer everything from trips to see the local sports team, theatre performances, happy hours, and even classes on site. [Back to Top]

What amenities are typically offered?
Wellness monitoring, nutritional services, home health care, hospice services, housekeeping and laundry services, and beautician and barber services are just a few of the amenities we offer our residents. Find a Community to learn more about the amenities we offer. [Back to Top]

What are the living accommodations?
Studio, one bedroom, and two bedroom floor plans are typically available, each with a full bath and full-size kitchen and appliances. Find a Community and then view our suites and floor plans. [Back to Top]

Can I bring furniture and do my own decorating?
Yes! We want our residents to feel as comfortable as possible in their new home. [Back to Top]

What are the dining accommodations?
We provide restaurant style dining with nutritious home cooked food. Our food really is delicious! Our menus are approved by a dietitian and we can accommodate limited special diets. [Back to Top]

Does senior living mean giving up on life?
No. Senior living means accepting challenges and getting needed assistance so independence can be maximized. Many of our residents report a sense of relief to have things like their medications or meals taken care of so they can truly pursue the life that excites them without worrying about basic care. [Back to Top]

Is transportation provided?
Yes. In addition to supplying transportation for all community outings and activities, there are weekly visits to grocery and other convenience stores. [Back to Top]

Will I be able to leave and return as I please?
Yes, you can come and go as you please.  Your suite is maintained as long as you continue to honor your resident agreement. [Back to Top]

How much does it cost?
Since we are a second generation, family owned company, our pricing is extremely competitive. Each location is priced a little differently, depending on the type of living and amenities requested. Feel free to browse each location for pricing information, or contact us to learn more.[Back to Top]

What are the age restrictions?
The majority of our residents are 55+. [Back to Top]

Do I actually need a skilled nursing facility?
A skilled nursing facility may be appropriate if you need rehabilitation or require extensive medical assistance. Learn more about our skilled nursing facilities. [Back to Top]

If you have additional questions, please contact us, and we will be happy to help.