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Celebrating Easter with Arts & Crafts

This month at Generations Healthcare Management, our residents had a great time making floral crafts to celebrate Easter with bold spring colors and flowers. Creative projects help our seniors maintain a crucial sense of familiarity and self that can greatly boost their happiness and well being.  Artisitc activities such as painting and crafts can help
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Christmas Celebrations at Generations Senior Living

Christmas is a joyous time of year filled with family and the festive spirit of the season, and we had such a wonderful time celebrating with our seniors! At Generations Senior Living in Berea, we enjoyed a fun filled event with Christmas music played on the piano by Duane Carlson, and our Generations Resident Choir
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4 Characteristics of Happy, Healthy Seniors

4 Characteristics of Happy, Healthy Seniors We all have that friend who just seems to be happy all the time. Conversely, we all know someone who always has something negative to say or someone who appears to be unhappy all the time. Why is that? What sort of characteristics do happy people have and how
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