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Making Wise Financial Decisions in Retirement

Whether you’re a senior or caring for a senior, making wise financial decisions in retirement can help ease stress in the golden years. Here are some practical tips for making wise financial decisions for those in retirement, planning for retirement, or helping a loved one through retirement.  Learn to Budget Carefully Fewer than half of
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My Mother, the Coed

I recently came across an article that was so well written I wanted to share it with every family who is facing the overwhelming and emotional decision to move their loved one to a senior living apartment. Read it and you too may wonder – why wait? Read the full story by clicking here.

Enjoying Life Once Again

Think back… didn’t you see your parents shed a tear when you were hurt or disappointed;  happy when you made the grades or won an award, patted you on the back when you tried your best, and always let you know how proud they were of you?   Weren’t you afraid to walk into school on
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Celebrating Commencement

I recently watched with pride as my son crossed the stage receiving his hard-earned college degree.  I have also watched his excitement and anxiety as he began looking for his first “real” job.  The thrill of accepting a position immediately brought another stress in finding a place to live in a new city.  While as
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The “Aging in Place Equals Good Quality of Life” Paradigm

If we are truly being honest with ourselves, we would all like to age gracefully and comfortably in our own homes. The thought of having to relocate to an environment that offers supportive services that we may need when we age is not appealing to us. It’s human nature to desire our independence and we
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