5 Decluttering Tips for Seniors

Many seniors may find themselves moving into smaller spaces during their golden years. From planning in advance to setting a timeline, this article discusses the top ways to downsize and declutter when moving in with family or into an independent or assisted living community. Plan ahead as much as possible. This may seem obvious, butRead More >>

Hospital Observation vs. Admitted Status

Here’s a Riddle:   When are you in the hospital, but not “in” the hospital?  Answer:  When you are in an Observation Stay. More often than ever, seniors find themselves in a hospital for an accident or illness, only to later learn when they try to access skilled nursing benefits, they were never formally admitted toRead More >>

The “Aging in Place Equals Good Quality of Life” Paradigm

If we are truly being honest with ourselves, we would all like to age gracefully and comfortably in our own homes. The thought of having to relocate to an environment that offers supportive services that we may need when we age is not appealing to us. It’s human nature to desire our independence and weRead More >>

Mom and Dad are Moving into an Assisted Living Community. So What’s Next?

We will all move into a new residence at least once in our lifetime. Some of us may move several times depending on where life takes us. Think about the planning and stress that we experienced when we made such moves. The financial planning, packing, logistics and even that one minute in the middle ofRead More >>