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Generations Testimonial: “I Have Nothing but Praise for Generations.”

At Generations Senior Living, we are dedicated to the spirit of independence for our residents while providing the joy and comfort of home. For Steve Kravec, our team was able to be there for him and his family through his entire journey with us.

“I have nothing but praise for Generations, its’ management, staff, and facilities. As you can imagine, convincing a parent that it is no longer safe for them to live alone is not an easy task. Just broaching the subject of moving to my Dad, after living in his home for 55 years, was an extremely delicate conversation. After seeing the facility and having the opportunity to meet with Kristen and a current resident, he started to see the true value.

In our initial meeting, I remember them saying how Generations is a “family”. I quickly came to realize that this is true. From entering the building, there was Kayla, a woman who (somehow) was always happy and cheerful. After a while, she came to know me by sight and greeted me by name. Even on the phone, she would always ask me how my Dad was doing. You can’t imagine the feeling of “family” that simple question means to the relative of a resident.

The nursing staff and aids are another example of “family” care. Over the last several months Kim Bolen was especially helpful in allowing me to keep up with my father’s condition. She encouraged me to contact herself or her staff to ask questions or provide updates on my Dad when he was at Southwest General Hospital.

On days I did not call Kim or her staff with an update on my Dad usually resulted in me receiving a call from them! THAT is service. THAT is caring. THAT is FAMILY.

My father passed away on September 27th. Kristen visited our family at the funeral home. This was ironic as she was in the room with the rest of his family. I sincerely appreciated her visit.

I guess the best thing to say in conclusion was that I made the absolute best decision I could possibly make to encourage my father to move to Generations. While the year was extremely difficult, especially with the limitations inflicted on all by COVID-19, I can truly say my Dad was cared for by members of his family and I thank you all for that.”

~ Steve Kravec’s Family


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