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5 Ways Hospice Helps with Grief and Loss

You’re not alone. As a hospice provider, that’s the message we share with those who have lost loved ones. Coping with grief is a difficult, yet important step toward healing. We hope to make that process easier for the families of our patients. Here are five ways we can help: End-of-Life Preparation Regardless of age,
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Returning to School Post-Retirement

Fall is back to school season, and for many retirees, it’s not just the grandkids who are returning to the classroom. Many seniors find joy in learning, and as a result, they experience numerous health benefits. Studies have shown that mental stimulation helps to improve cognitive abilities and memory function, which may lower your risk
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Three Card Games Seniors Need to Try

For seniors, card games are a fun, inexpensive way to spend time with friends and family. But if you’re bored with Bridge and tired of Euchre, it may be time to shake up your game night routine. Here are three card games you should try: Crazy Eights Perfect for two to five players, Crazy Eights
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