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Best Apps for Senior Citizens

Seniors are using technology now more than ever, with many of them ordering medications and supplies, connecting with friends and family via Social Media, or managing their finances online. In fact, according to the Pew Research Center, over half of people over 65 have a smart phone or tablet and most go online every day.

There are many apps that can be helpful to seniors, with some even being designed with their particular needs in mind. Here’s a look at five great apps for seniors.

  1. Lumosity
    Lumosity is a free app for iPhone and Android. It’s a system developed by cognitive scientists to improve memory, retention and other brain function through fun, interactive games.The system even “learns” along with each completed game and gives more challenging puzzles and games as scores improve. Plus, it keeps a record of achievements so users can see how they’re doing along the way. For seniors looking to keep their minds sharp or improve memory, this app is both helpful and enjoyable.
  1. Kindle
    Many seniors may already own an e-reader, but for those that don’t, the Kindle app (free) puts thousands of books kindle-update-1560728_1280at their fingertips on their phone or tablet. For seniors who have trouble with their eyesight, the Kindle app easily allows to adjust lighting, color and text size.This app is especially great for tablets, but seniors can keep the app on multiple devices at once. Each app under the same account will sync together so seniors will never lose their place (no bookmarks needed!).
  1. Audible
    For seniors who may no longer have the ability to read, or who prefer their books in a different form, Audible is a wonderful app that keeps audio books within the touch of a button. Any new users can try it for free for 30 days.After 30 days, a small monthly membership fee ($14.95) gives access to nearly every title imaginable, including both the classics and new releases. Plus, if the membership is canceled, keep any books already downloaded.
  1. Medisafe
    Most seniors know the hassle and confusion that can come with taking prescribed medications correctly and on time. Medisafe is an app for Apple or Android that gives a “gentle nudge” when it’s time to take medications.It’s also an educational app that explains each medication, why it’s important and how it helps with each condition. Like Lumosity, it also helps to keep and track progress, which can be helpful information for a doctor or specialist if it seems like the medicine is not working as intended.The site reports some sobering statistics: 1 in 3 prescriptions are never filled, of those, only 50% are taken correctly. Yearly, non-adherence causes a death every four minutes in America. Medisafe aims to eliminate these numbers with this useful app that could literally help to save a senior’s life.
  1. Mint
    Managing money, bills and retirement funds can be a daunting task for seniors. Mint (free) helps keep it all as simple as possible. Connect checking, savings and other accounts, track spending and even set up automatic payments through the app. Or, set up budgets to allocate spending per week, month, quarter or year.Mint also sends reminders and alerts when bills are due, funds are low or any other changes occur. It’s a great way to consolidate finances into one place and streamline this aspect of a senior’s life.There are many more apps that can be beneficial to seniors. Try a few at a time (especially if they’re free) and find a combination that works best to keep life easy, manageable and fun!

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