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Celebrating Life’s Journey

Lavender BunchSpecial memories: we all have them and love to share them from time to time. Have you thought about immortalizing those special memories to share with your family for generations to come?

One of the joys of Cypress Hospice is the special personal gifts provided to patients and their families. Not too long ago we were working on a special gift for one of our patients. We requested that the family come together to make a 15-30 second video.

We wanted them to tell her of their fondest memory, something their loved one taught them that they will remember forever or a simple thank you to her. Boy, did this family deliver! Our patient has quite a large family of children and grandchildren and the videos were flowing in.

The Cypress staff compiled the videos and made it into a movie to present to our patient. Once the movie was compiled we invited the family out to present to her. While watching this movie there was not a dry eye in the room from happy and emotional tears. What a special gift to give her and her family as well.

While material gifts are used up, tossed aside, or worn out, gifts of the heart can live forever. As this story shows, you too can create special moments with your senior family members. Whether it’s creating a scrap book, photo collage, video, or musical collection, these gifts will be enjoyed by the recipient for the remainder of their lives. This type of gift can also become a family heirloom for generations to come.

With today’s technology, it is easier than ever to create lasting memories that Celebrate Life’s Journey. To learn more about how Cypress Hospice helps patients and families Celebrate Life’s Journey, please click here.

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