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The CEAL of Approval in Assisted Living Leadership

CEAL LogoYou may know what a seal is, but have you heard of a CEAL, and how important that can be in your search for an Assisted Living community? CEAL is the acronym for Certified Executive for Assisted Living. It is the premier credential that an Assisted Living executive in Ohio can achieve.

The CEAL credential is voluntary on the part of Assisted Living executives, which is why the credential is so important. It helps to separate those Directors who choose to better themselves and their communities through both continued learning and successful completion of a national examination. By improving themselves, they will further ensure their ability to promote the highest standards of resident centered care and services within their own community.

The CEAL certification includes:

  1. Classroom Training
  2. Self Study
  3. Successfully passing a national examination
  4. Annual continuing education credits

To become a CEAL is a commitment to the residents and families served by the Assisted Living professional. In your search for Assisted Living communities, ask the Director if he/she is a CEAL. If the response is no, ask why not. The philosophy of an Assisted Living community is a direct reflection of the commitment of the Executive Director.

I am proud to call myself a CEAL, and I invite you to learn more about our communities which are managed by CEAL professionals. To learn more about the CEAL certification read the following supplemental documents:

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