Why Cypress?

Choosing the right name for our hospice care was extremely important to us. We wanted something that would convey peace and comfort while also having strong importance and significance to both our work and the people we serve.

When we say that we thought a long time about our name, we mean it. The Coury family and other trusted team members took many months to decide upon our name. When we began researching the Cypress tree, we found many symbols associated with this beautiful plant that resonated deeply with us, including: 

The Cypress as Symbol of the Life Well Lived: One Greek legend tells of the Cypress as a reminder of the life well lived. We want to create moments and an atmosphere that celebrates the lives of our patients.

The Cypress as a Symbol of Dignity: Every individual deserves dignity and respect, especially when time is in question. We want to preserve the dignity of our patients so they can have comfort, self-respect and tranquility in their final years of life.

The Cypress as a Symbol of Strength: The wood of the Cypress tree is incredibly durable and strong. We want to be that strong hand to hold during a time when things are uncertain.

The Cypress as a Symbol of Hope: Cypress trees can grow and flourish even in the harshest conditions. Many believe that choosing hospice means “giving up” or “losing hope.” On the contrary, we see hospice and its philosophy of care as a reminder of hope, dignity and the celebrated life.

When we learned these concepts behind the Cypress tree, deciding on a name was easy. Each of these symbols is wrapped into our overall approach to hospice care, and infuses each day we have with our patients, their caregivers and their loved ones.

To learn more about Cypress and how we Celebrate Life's Journey contact us.