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Mission, Principles & Promise


Cypress Hospice Principle, Mission & Promise

The mission of Cypress Hospice is to assist our patients and their families in maintaining quality of life, freedom of choice and independence while providing physical, emotional and spiritual support, as we accompany them through life’s journey.


  • We believe every individual should make life decisions with the support of their family and chosen others.
  • We believe the role of Cypress Hospice is to provide physical, social, and spiritual support as well as the information needed to make informed decisions.
  • We believe in innovation.  Learning new and improved methods to deliver care and services will benefit all we serve.
  • We believe our staff should be compassionate, caring professionals, knowledgeable within their field of expertise.
  • We support ongoing education of our employees to ensure that the organization offers the most current, informed support and services possible.
  • We support the involvement of the community within our mission.  We are part of the community, and believe community involvement will enrich the organization.
  • Above all, we believe in Integrity as the guiding principle governing all activities.

The Cypress Promise

The Cypress Hospice Promise is our vow to those we care for and the families who love them.

  • It is comfort and peace. It is more than traditional hospice care.
  • It is offering guidance when time is in question.
  • It is providing solutions in moments of doubt.
  • It is a hand to hold when faced with fear and a heart to understand in the midst of tears.
  • It is giving strength and support in times of uncertainty.
  • It is recognizing how precious life is and honoring it with dignity.

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