Activities & Programs that Enrich the Spirit

Residents are encouraged to participate in whatever spiritual practices they desire. Having a strong spiritual core can help connect and synergize other areas of life and bring new meaning. The supportive nature of our community helps residents freely explore this aspect of the human experience. 

Berea Lake Towers offers regularly scheduled activities and devotional services that represent several different religions. Residents are welcome to attend if they are so inclined and transportation is available for religious services within Berea. We also have a Spiritual Center that is conveniently located within the community.

Contact us for more information about spiritual opportunities at Berea Lake Towers.

It was a privilege for my Mom to live here for 2 years. The staff was wonderful, very helpful and the community has a family environment. She loved it here and it was like living in a 5-star hotel. Excellent food, highly recommended!

- Jan Joyner