Mission, Principle & Values

At Berea Lake Towers, we are dedicated to the spirit of independence. Our mission, principles and values were first expressed by our founding family a half century ago. They set the benchmark for our actions and define the nature of our relationships.

Our Mission

To create a comfortable and supportive environment where residents can live life as they choose. We believe that every resident's circumstances are unique. Our professional staff will work with individuals, their physician and their family to assess their situation and provide the best alternatives to fit their needs.  

Our Principles

We Respect All Individuals

  • We provide personalized care.
  • We deliver assistance as needed and desired.
  • We respect personal privacy.

We Provide Unyielding Attention

  • We tailor services to meet residents’ changing needs.
  • We staff care managers 24 hours a day.
  • We provide assistance at the push of a button.

We Value Hands-on Management

  • We believe in a personal management approach. Our owners and directors are readily available.
  • We respond quickly to questions and challenges.
  • We are proactive but do not micromanage.

We Are Family Owned and Operated

  • We carry on the traditions of the founding generation. 
  • We believe our residents and employees are an extension of our family.

We Develop and Believe in Our Employees

  • We empower employees to make decisions.
  • We provide easy management access.
  • We retain staff at high percentages. We work as a team and everyone counts.

Our Values


  • We help each resident attain their maximum independence.
  • We measure success by the preservation of a resident’s freedom of choice. 
  • We welcome new residents into our home as family.
  • We provide the support and safety necessary for residents to not only be happy, but to thrive.


  • We are passionate about what we do. We are committed to delivering cost effective, personalized care and services. 
  • We define quality care as the care we would provide to our own family.
  • We enable decisions to be made quickly and effectively and advocate simplicity in our process.
  • We maintain a knowledgeable and compassionate staff.


  • We strive for integrity in all our actions.
  • We pursue high standards and values.
  • We enjoy knowing that family members and professionals can refer to us with confidence.
  • We uphold an exceptional reputation within our community. 

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A very friendly, well run and very clean community. The food I'm told by Eli is also very good. The staff is reponsive to the needs of tenants. I would recommend Berea Lake Towers to anyone!

- Robert V.